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CraftCanTravel LLC is the first full service craft beer exporting company in the US market geared towards exporting US craft beers to foreign markets, building long term relationships with respective importers, and actively and directly managing craft beer portfolio performances in those markets, while making sure that suppliers expectations and in-market results are being met.


The US beer market has witnessed a remarkable shift in consumer behavior over the last couple of years. The domestic premium segment has been sluggish at best, and also imports have been under a lot of pressure, while the craft segment has shown remarkable, progressive double digit growth figures, leading to a current 6% craft beer market share and approaching 10% value share.


The craft segment currently incorporates some 2000 players with another 800 projects pending. There are relatively high fixed cost levels (50% of beer industry workforce is employed by the craft segment), high competition levels and complex distribution expansion issues. There are, in short, a lot of players in the domestic market, many of them 'fighting for the same bone', leading to a lot of pressure on margin structures, and a continuous struggle for both distributor attention as well as shelf presence both in on- as well as off-premise outlets.


CraftCanTravel LLC believes that instead of joining and adding to this fight, US craft can be brought and introduced to markets abroad, where US craft is still a relatively unknown phenomenon and where US craft can play its own role amongst a field of specialty beers stemming from well known sources like Belgium and Germany.

Please note that no consumer abroad was waiting for wine from California in French and Italian dominated markets, and yet, today, California wine plays a significant role in the often very crowded overseas markets.


CraftCanTravel LLC is convinced that the same can be achieved regarding US craft beer, and the first mover advantage opportunity is still wide open.

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